Friday, May 30, 2008

A Quiz No One Tagged Me For

I got this quiz from an excerpt of a book called Scrapbook Play published by Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I want that book and another one called Scrapbook Shortcuts, Quizzes, and Questions. One of these days I will probably turn these "all about me" blog posts into scrapbook pages--just little slices of life, about things that I like, to capture who I am right now. Not because I'm that narcissistic, but for my kids and their kids. Wouldn't you want to know what your grandma was like when she was young? (I am too still young. Thirty-two is young. Ahem.)

Of course, if I do scrapbook these, that will mean I'll need someone to take some pictures of me because there aren't any of me by myself. This year. That I like. So getting a picture with those three criteria will be important (hint: the last one will be harder to achieve than the first two.)

I love reading others' answers, too. So if you want to do this one, consider yourself tagged! Just let me know you've posted it and I'll come over and comment.

All about Things Quiz

· One thing I’d grab if my house were on fire: my scrapbooks (not really one thing, but I couldn’t choose one).

· One thing I wish I could throw away: The box of junk on the back porch I am waiting for my husband to take to the dumpster at his shop.

· One thing I’ll never, ever throw away: My babies’ first outfits (sniff). Did I say I wasn't sentimental about my children growing up? Well, I AM--unpredictably so.

· Something I lost and still miss: A black leather jacket I left at a Logan’s Steakhouse which was stolen that night, since the girl at the restaurant insisted it was gone, the next day (probably while wearing it, grrr.) I now have another leather jacket, but it’s the principle of the thing!

· Something I’ve kept since childhood: my Little House on the Prairie and Chronicles of Narnia paperbacks. If my daughter scorns them, it will break my heart.

· A food item I never run out of: Flour tortillas. They are a great substitute for bread, which we do sometimes run out of.

· A household brand I’m very loyal to: Goldfish crackers.

· Something I sleep with every night: My husband! Also, an extra pillow.

· One thing that’s on my wish list: Crest WhiteStrips—I should just buy them already. But I am cheap. Cheap, with yellow teeth.

· Something I take with me wherever I go: My purse

· Something that makes me smile when I see it: The drawing currently featured on my refrigerator by Miss Pink. It’s a girl worm wearing a sombrero and a necklace. Ole!

· Something my children fight over: Anything that one has and the other wants.

· Something I hate to clean: The kitchen floor, because it will get dirty again right away.

· Something I show off when people visit: The furniture my husband built.

· Something I hide when people visit: Toys. And piles of books.

· Something I’m embarrassed to admit I like: Sappy ‘80s love songs.

· Something I collect: Nothing. I don’t have room to display a collection. But when I was a kid I collected apples. I got tired of people buying apple stuff for me, so I decided I wasn’t a collector.

· Something I avoid at all costs: Well, I think it’s impossible and unhealthy to avoid anything at ALL costs. I hate conflict, but sometimes you can’t avoid it--and sometimes you have to face it head-on.


  1. I never run out of flour tortillas either and I'm with you on the Little house on the prairie books, I still keep them in my room, don't want the kids to touch them. Happy Friday

  2. Oh boy, I hate conflict too, more than anything. Well, not more than utter cruelty but it's a close second! I'm still laughing about the worm with the sombrerro. Who comes up with this stuff? Silly kids!

  3. This is a good one. I kept my Nancy Drew and Little House.

    I actually seek out conflict.. yeah, not so much fun...

    "32 is TOTALLY young", says the 33 year old..(me).

  4. This is a great list! Also? I hate conflict too.