Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week in Review, 5/18--5/24


1. Miss Pink said, “Voila!” in the right context. I said, “Do you know what that means?” and she said, “Sure—it means ‘there it is!’” I just LOVE HER.

2. She has also learned to turn a cartwheel thanks to gymnastics. She sometimes does it perfectly, but doesn’t get discouraged when it’s not perfect. I’m so thankful for her confidence, you don’t even know.

3. We’re going swimming this week. School's out and summer is officially here. Plus I don't have to rush around getting the kids ready in the morning.

Not liking

1. No holiday tomorrow for me. (To me a holiday is not when I have no work to do, because when would that ever happen, with the kids around? It’s when my husband is home to do half of the kid wrangling.) Justin has a lot of work to catch up on, which is good for his business, so I’ll stop whining now.

2. Mr. Blue is getting his two-year-old molars. As Miss Pink says, “Ouchy-wawa.” (I think this is how she hears “Ay Chihuahua.”)

3. We went out to eat too much this weekend, which means we spent too much money. Oh well, I'll cook next weekend.


  1. "Ouchy-wawa" is a t-shirt I need to have.

  2. Isn't it great when kids learn things like "Voila" and you don't have any idea where the learning came from? Usually - except sometimes they pick up very catchy tunes like, "I believe I could fly, I got shot by the FBI. All I wanted was a popsicle, but I ended up in the hospital..." And it has such a catchy tune you don't really HEAR it until they've sang it about 5 times and burst out laughing uncontrollably!

  3. This is the time where the kids are 'talking with their own pronunication' that makes Mommy grey sky blue... Ouchy-Wawa? That's super cute!

  4. If you went out to eat too much this weekend that means you spent time together as a family and that's good. Very rarely do I look back and think "I wish I hadn't spent the money and had good memories of ____ time with (whoever).

    Glad it was a good weekend!